May 2173. An ET group, the Eon Breeders, seize the Solar Republic, plundering its resources. They suck the life force out of the sun. There is one being they seek to totally crush, LC. She is a hybrid-being imprisoned inside a playground with invisible walls. LC knows the Eon Breeders’ weakness.

A hodgepodge of rebels, activists and extremists are thrown into LC’s jail. They have 12 hours to escape their death sentence. The inmates despise each other. Can they overthrow their tyrants or will they run out of time as they descend into a whirlwind of madness?

Your Jailers


Cloned ETs who decree how the resources of the solar system will be exploited. They stand guard over thousands of jails. They revel in making the inmates’ lives exquisitely harsh so they can harvest their souls and emotions.

The Prisoners


An ephemeral A.I. savant who believes song and dance will enable the inmates to escape prison. LC practices magic with math equations. She preaches nonviolence in a violent world.


A crazed conspiracy theorist who’s been imprisoned in a psychiatric ward all his life. He has written a new Bill of Rights for all sentient beings AND wants to bring back the Solar Republic that was taken over by ETs.


A domineering Solar Force General. He’s imprisoned for treason because he tried to overthrow The Solar Directorate.

The General believes in rule of law, as long as the rules are his.


A slimy financial genius, now Minister of Commerce. He considers everyone below his station to be an expendable slave. He secretly wants to sing with Elsie, but that would mean interacting with the riffraff.


A Jail Warden with a heart fuzzy as a landmine. He’s forgotten he was once human.


Amrita initiated a gender separatist movement on a Jovian moon. Amrita is feisty, charming, and lethal. She’s always right, even when she’s wrong.


A Noble prize winning physicist, kept alive to investigate zero-point propulsion.

Ming would like to fall in love, but she is ashamed that no one has ever held her hand.


Helena was murdered by her fellow inmates. She predicts the future for LC.

She leads other ghosts in their fight against the Eon Breeders.